Maintenance Engineers Recruitment

Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or a temporary contract, Contract Aero can help you find it – at no cost to you.

Tell us what type of work you’re seeking, where you want to work, and what level of compensation you’re looking for. We’ll search the world for positions that match your qualifications, and even check out the companies that are looking for someone with your skill set. Most times we know the company – they’re probably one of our clients already.

Once you get a contract, Contract Aero pays you directly. We also provide you with full insurance, and arrange transportation and accommodation. Some of our placements include relocation assistance, signing bonuses, and full benefits.


Our clients require fully licensed and experienced technicians; you’ll be expected to hit the ground running, and will be well compensated for it. To that end, we only accept mature individuals with a professional attitude who can adapt easily to new situations, and who work well with diverse teams.

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