Contract Aircraft and Helicopter Maintenance

  • Heavy checks
  • Line maintenance – Including holiday or disability coverage and rotations
  • Avionics modification programs
  • Structures Conversions and Modifications
  • AOG repairs
  • Engine or gear changes
  • CPCP and SB’s

Why use our services

Labour shortages tend to occur before or at crucial times of product delivery, And, experienced technicians are increasingly more difficult to find. That puts a significant strain on maintenance managers to deliver an on-time product.

By using Contract Aero, our clients have access to certified industry professionals only when they need it.

Other benefits to contracted work include:

  • Trained professionals (technicians are fully trained, licensed and endorsed)
  • Liability insurance (our technicians are covered by Contract Aero)
  • Reduction in employee recruitment and retention costs
  • Reduced human resources costs (CPP, EI, vacation, overtime, maternity leave, WCB absences, and sick days)

Quality Service Commitment

We strive to surpass client expectations in professionalism, communication, and industry knowledge. Our dedicated, highly experienced technicians deliver a quality product every time.